Your Friend, Memphis


Director: David Zucker

Executive Producers: Susan Bedusa, Doug Tirola, Ivy Herman and Hallee Adelman

Producers: Luke Terrell, Benjamin Edelman

Cinematographer: David Zucker

Editors: David Zucker, Darrin Navarro, ACE, Jody McVeigh-Schultz

Sound Designers: Jacob Misrach-Bloomfield, Greg Francis, Michel Holbrook

Music: Saul Simon MacWilliams, Billy Libby

World of HA Productions Role

Executive Producers: Ivy Herman and Hallee Adelman

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Memphis is wild at heart. He lives on the edge, pursuing his dreams with grit.

But as a young man with cerebral palsy, living without government support, Memphis feels stuck. Saddled with their own baggage, Memphis’ parents waver between supporting his desire for independence and pushing him towards a more pragmatic reality. Seneca, his best friend, struggles to reconcile her own big ambitions with her small town life – and her relationship with Memphis. Shot over five years, debut director David Zucker’s Your Friend, Memphis is an intimate portrait of Memphis’ dogged determination: to bridge the distance between the world’s expectations and his own aspirations, no matter what.